At INCO we seek to make a seamless transition for property owners by efficiently managing and filling rental properties and providing the best in rental service for tenants.  We have a diverse portfolio of clients from first time landlords to real estate investors, managing both single family homes and full apartment/ multi-family buildings.  Our team of highly experienced and customer service driven professionals have been working to maintain clean and safe properties for individual residents and families since 2000, serving over 600 properties in the Greater Denver Area.  


  • Online Tools for Owners & Tenants- Our cutting edge technology allows us to respond faster and provide better service to owners and tenants. We provide 24/7 secure online access for rent payments, maintenance reports, property listings, and property updates.

  • Tenant Placement Services- Automated professional marketing to advertise your properties to tenants and fill vacancies quickly.  As well as online screening and background checks for rental applicants.    

  • Data Security- Sensitive data is securely housed in a state-of-the-art data center, backed up regularly and automatically.  

  • Quick and Efficient Maintenance- Online work orders are used to communicate quickly and efficiently with vendors to solve issues sometimes within hours of being reported.

  • Affordable Property Management- Using a property manager can help increase the overall profitability of your property while saving you the time and effort to do it yourself.  Your investment will be automatically deposited into your bank account each month without you having to worry about the management commitments.

Why do I need a property manager?

    As the owner of an investment property, do you know how to manage the necessary items to ensure you are gaining a return on your property?  Do you have many units and find it hard to manage them all on your own?  You will need to be an expert on the following to maximize your property investment:

  • Marketing to prospective tenants

  • Creating and executing lease agreements

  • Collecting rental payments or initiating eviction proceedings

  • Handling maintenance issues with cost effective vendors

  • Management of insurance requirements

When you choose to use INCO for your management needs you also choose your level of involvement with your property. We communicate with some owners on a weekly basis and others every few months. Your benefit is that you can have as little involvement as you would like and be able to rest assured that we will get the job done.