Can you provide further examples of how to give proper notice?

Another example, if you want to move out June 15 you must give notice for June 30 by June 1st. You still owe all of June rent. We would also need to receive keys upon move out. If keys are received on the 1st, you will be billed for prorated rent and utilities through the 1st and so on. If valid notice is not given you will be subject to the improper termination fee and any rent and utilities that may be owed as listed in your lease agreement. For expiring or already expired leases, we would still need a valid 30 day notice to vacate in writing to avoid an improper termination fee and future rent. Tenants are welcome to move out early. If rent was paid and we are able to re-rent your unit you could be due a refund for any rent we are able to collect from a new tenant. 

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