How do I put in a work order?

For a maintenance emergency after hours such as no water, no heat, or a major plumbing leak, please call 303-794-0402 and dial option 9 to leave a detailed voicemail for our after hours phone service. For all other work order requests, you may call our office at 303-794-0402, you may text us at 720-295-8832, you may send us an email to inco@incopm.com or you can fill out a work order request here:

Work Orders
How do I pay with Zelle?

 Many banks offer this service for free. If you are unsure if your bank does, click here to check:


Once set up with Zelle, you may look us up using our email: inco@incopm.com  We will be listed as INCO Property Management or All Star Property Management. If you are not sure if you have found the correct organization, feel free to send a small amount like a $1 or less and let us know to see if we received it before sending the remainder. All banks are different and some only allow a limited amount to be sent daily. Please make sure take this into account when sending rent payments to avoid any late charges being billed. 

How do I give proper notice to move out?

All 30 day notices to vacate must be in writing. They can be sent to us by email, text message, handwritten note or by filling out the Notice to Vacate form which is found on our website:  


A valid 30 day written notice must be received by our office at least 30 days prior to the end of the lease or 30 days before the end of any month thereafter. A valid notice to vacate is for the last day of a month only. For example, if you are wanting to give notice to move out on June 30th, we would need to receive a written notice to vacate no later than June 1st. 


Notice to Vacate
What happens if I break my lease?

If you need to break your lease before it has expired, we would need to know the date you are going to be moved out by so we can get the property on the market and try to get it re-rented. You would be subject to the terms of the lease agreement and would be responsible for the improper termination fee and any rent and utilities that may be owed depending on what your lease agreement states. Please refer to your lease agreement or call the office for any questions regarding your lease specifically. 

Notice to Vacate
Can you provide further examples of how to give proper notice?

Another example, if you want to move out June 15 you must give notice for June 30 by June 1st. You still owe all of June rent. We would also need to receive keys upon move out. If keys are received on the 1st, you will be billed for prorated rent and utilities through the 1st and so on. If valid notice is not given you will be subject to the improper termination fee and any rent and utilities that may be owed as listed in your lease agreement. For expiring or already expired leases, we would still need a valid 30 day notice to vacate in writing to avoid an improper termination fee and future rent. Tenants are welcome to move out early. If rent was paid and we are able to re-rent your unit you could be due a refund for any rent we are able to collect from a new tenant. 

Notice to Vacate
What is expected at move out?

We do not do walk through or exit inspections upon move out. We do expect the property to be returned to us in a rentable condition. Below is a list of move out guidelines to better explain what we typically look for. We can offer a link to perform your own exit inspection on your phone through an app that we use upon request. 


The most common things tenants are charged for are cleaning, carpet cleaning, damage to blinds/screens. If you don't clean your carpets or clean, we are happy to have our people do that for you and bill your deposit. 

Notice to Vacate
How do I file a complaint?

You may email us at inco@incopm.com, call 303-794-0402, or text 720-282-9965 or you may file a complaint here:

Please make sure to give as many details of the complaint as possible. Provide the address, unit number, and/or name of the person you are filing the complaint about and the nature of the complaint. Details such as time of day or night, what is occurring, and how many times it has happened along with any photos or documentation you may have can help us in handling the issue. We try our best to keep complaints anonymous and will not give information out about who filed the complaint. 

What am I responsible for as a tenant?

Tenants are responsible for abiding by the terms of their lease agreement and property rules. They are also responsible for changing batteries (in alarms/thermostats, etc), light bulbs and changing furnace, A/C and range hood filters. We would be more than happy to walk you through this if you are unfamiliar with how to change these items. Just give us a call, send an email or text message and someone will reach back out to you. If we send maintenance out for a work order request to handle items that are seen as tenant responsibility you may be billed for any charges that were incurred. 

What is considered a maintenance emergency?

Most maintenance issues can be resolved the next business day and do not always need someone to come out to the property immediately. The most common maintenance emergencies that may require attention after hours are having no water, no hot water, a plumbing leak where water could be causing damage to drywall, floors, etc., or no heat. If you have a maintenance emergency, pleae call 303-794-0402 and dial option 9 to reach our after hours phone service. 

How do I add a service or emotional support animal?

There are two forms we need to have filled out and returned to our office to add a service/support animal to the lease agreement. Please call our office with any questions. You may find these documents here: 



How do I add a pet?

Please make sure to check with the office before adding a pet. Most of our properties do not accept pets and some have specific restrictions. If the property does allow pets, we will need forms to be filled out prior to adding them to the lease agreement. You may email, call, or text us to find out if your property qualifies to have a pet and what paperwork will be needed. If you already have approval and need a copy of the form it can be found here: 


What are the qualifying criteria when applying?

We look at the application based on three qualifying criteria: 

  1. 2 years of good rental history, no evictions. 
  2. A minimum of 2.5 times the rent in verifiable income. 
  3. We check credit and criminal background. 

If there is an issue in any area, if approved, you may be required to pay a higher deposit. 



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